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This candle was started on 09-11-01 at 08:48am est. It has been burning strong ever since.
~ God Bless America - United We Stand ~ "God Bless America, United We Stand" "We will not tire, we will not faulter, and we will not fail." "This is my reminder of a life that has ended, and a task that does not end" - (Badge of falled FDNY man.) "May God grant us wisdom, and may he watch over the USA" "Either your with us, or your with the terrorists" 9.20.01 -George W. Bush

   Aite, the good stuff, all about ME!

Race: Caucasian
Age: 21 (09-08-82)
Height: 5'8
Weight: 135
Hair: Short brown, spikey (Sometime w/ blonde highlights)
Status: Taken by Joe ;-)
Percings: 3 earings & tongue ring
Tatoos: One on back (Chinese Symbol for "Rebel") - Florida '02
        One on Stomach (Sun around belly button) - Hollywood '03
Pets: Two Cats (Diva and Devon), 1 Turtle (Tommy), I mouse (Ian, RIP)

**More pictures of Joe will be up soon!**

On December 15th, 2001 I met my future Boyfriend, Joe, at the
Grotto in Northampton, Mass

On December 29th, 2001 we made it official as a couple

More than two years later, we are still going strong.

He is my heart and soul, my babycakes ;-P   Ok nuff mushy shiat!


               Abercrombie Boi All The Way

            Local Joints:
> Divas: Northampton, MA
> Gotham City: New Heaven, CT
> Mirabar: Providence, RI
> Manray: Boston, MA

  When I travel, I have to check out the local clubs!

>Hollywood Club: West Hollywood, CA - Awesome
>The Coliseum: Fort Lauderdale, FL - Awesome

I love to watch and play all kinds of sports.
     Baseball (New York Yankees)
     Basketball (Uconn Men and Women)
     Skiing (Myself ;-)

     Wrestling (Rey Mysterio Jr, Triple H)
     Swimming (Again, myself, haha j/k..well..)
     Golfing yadayadayada.

                    -Movies and Television
 My favorite movies would have to be.
  1) Titanic
  2) My Fellow Americans
  3) Coyote Ugly
  - I could list MANY more but these will do!

 As for TV, No doubt on this one:
  1) Beverly Hills 90210      HANDS DOWN!
  2) Saved by the Bell


Music is one of my passions. When I am happy, sad, lonely or bored, 
I always turn to music. If its listening to my CD's, or just turing
on the radio, its what I am all about. Right now I am working on 
a demo tape to become a MTV VJ.         Wish me luck guys!

     ~~~  Coles #1 hottie: Nick Carter  ~~

       Ok as of 1/04/04 here are my favorites:

Female Solo:       TOP 10
     1) Britney Spears!
     2) Miss Ashanti  
     3) Christina Agulera
     4) Jennifer Lopez
     5) Mandy Moore 
     6) Michelle Branch
     7) Lara Fabian 
     8) Jessica Simpson (Though shes a dumbass)
     9) Janet Jackson
    10) Aaliyah    

Female Group:         TOP 5
     1) Dream!
     2) Destinys Child 
     3) Edens Crush 
     4) 3LW 
     5) TLC

Male Solo Music:         TOP 5
     1) Nick Carter
     2) Justin Timberlake
     3) Nick Lachey
     4) Enrique Iglesias
     5) Nelly

Male Solo Hotties:         TOP 5
     1) Nick Lachet
     2) Justin Timberlake
     3) Nick Carter
     4) Enrique Iglesias
     5) Brian Austin Green (Hey, he made a CD!)

Male Group:
     1) Backstreet Boys 
     2) N*Sync 
     3) Simple Plan
     4) 98 Degreese     
     5) LFO 

                    -Pro Wrestling
  I have been in love with pro wrestling for 15 years now.
I enjoy to watch in on tv, go to the live event, and collect merchandise.

This is Rey Mysterio Jr. He is my favorite WWE SMACKDOWN wrestler!

This is Triple H.  He is my favorite WWE RAW wrestler.

** Hit up my wrestling memorabilia web page:
             The Wrestling Warehouse

    ---> http://www.thewrestlingwarehouse.com  <---

                 -Sayyyy Whaaa?!   My Quotes

>  "If your not apart of the future than get out of the way" -John Mellonkamp
>  "I'm betta than that"  -Destinys Child
>  "I just wanna hold you"  -Enrigue
>  "What you feel is that you are & what you are is beautifl" -GooGoo Dolls
>  "You can be my hottie"  -Ashley Ballard
>  "Heres to the nights we felt alive" -Eve 6
>  "Your crazy, your beautiful"  - Jason Hernandez
>  "Hold on to the night, hold on to the memories" -I forget
>  "I can't get no, !SATISFACTION!" -Britney 
>  "Let me live my life" -Britney
>  "Don't let me be the last to knowwww!"  -Britney
>  "I can't make you love me, I'm just a girl with a crush."  -Britney
>  "Poof, your a pimp"   -Sarah Jessica Parker
>  "You find yourself having fun or something, stop it"  -Archie Bunker
>  "Did you know your daughter is a freak?"  -Black Knight
>  "Cause I want it all, or nothing at all. -OTown
>  "When youv'e reached the bottom its now or never." - OTown  
>  "That was them, THIS IS ME!"  -Dream
>  "You cant handle this" -Destinys Child
>  "They are not heroes because they died, but because they lived" -FDNY
>  "You can believe me, or you can believe the truth"  -Guster
>  "Nice!"  -Becky
>  "Shut up, I'm getting you booty" -Matt
>  "Pay up Sucker" -Jessie James
>  "I'm living life to the limit and I love it" -JLO
>  "I don't care what people think!, if they dont like it, they can sit in the corner and eat some pie. -Me to Nichole
>   "Win If you can, lose if you must but, always, always cheat!" -Bobby Heenan
>  "Every new begining comes from someother beginings end" -Closing Time 
>  "The greatest thing in life is to love and be loved in return -"Moulon Rouge" 
>  "Oops! I didnt it again. I played with your heart, got lost in this game." -Britney
>  "I'm a S-L-A-V-E....for you"  -Britney
>  "Baby, at the end of the day, alittle bit goes along way" -Jessica Simspon
>  "Bois Lie! 90% are pigs." -Me
>  "Bois, sometimes a "boi" just needs one" -Britney
> Ever had mac & cheese from a 'Ad Water and wait 5 mins" box?
> "CT sucks so bad you can hear the suction from Nevada"  -Brian
> "You are the most heterosexual homosexual guy I have met -Lindsay
> Silence and quiet again in my life, far from these moments I wish I was. -Lara Fabian
> I am not afraid of the words that you hide. -Lara Fabian
> There is only pride, im given up this fight. -Lara Fabain
> I know I only wanna be in love with you, you are my heart -Lara Fabian
> I am who I am, what else could I be? When you look into my eyes, 
you get what you see. -Lara Fabian

         ~ Miscellaneous Quotes ~
"Falling in love is easy...its falling out of love thats the hard part"

"Some day your prince will come...mine just got lossed and is to dumb to ask for directions"

"I WASNT KISSING HIM!!!....i was telling his lips a secret":o)

"If he loves me only in my dreams then let me sleep forever"

"Dont hate me cuz im beautiful, hate me cuz your boyfriend thinks so"

"I wanted 2 kill the hottest person on earth but then i realized suicide is a crime"

"Im not supposed to love you, im not supposed to care im not suppsoed to live my life wishing you were there. Im not supposed to wonder where you are or what you do, Im sorry i just cant help myself I fell in love with you"

"Never frown cuz you dont know whos falling in love with ur smile"

> I have all the strenth I need here in my own two hands.
> Dont need you to lift me up, I can stand tall!
> Dont need you to pick me up, I can stand up on my own!
> Respect comes when u respect yourself.

Dont need you to tell me i am pretty, To make me feel beautiful. 
No, No, No!
Dont need you to make me strong, cause I am stong on my own!
Doesn't come from outside, this beauty I know, comes from inside my soal.
           -  Samantha Mumba

- Love This Way - I wanna run into someones arms, Lye on a bed of roses. I wanna feel just like Juliet, I wanna fall in love. I gotta feeling... Everybody wants someone to love, Somebody they can trust, Somebody they can touch. Everybody wants to give their heart away. Everybody needs alittle tenderness, To feel understood, To feel passionate. Everybody wants to be in love this way. I know I do... What about you?? I wanna be somebodys baby, I wanna cry, and still feel beautiful. Baby really I just wanna be myself, Am I the only one? Everybody wants someone to love, Somebody they can trust, Somebody they can touch. Everybody wants to give their heart away. Everybody needs alittle tenderness, To feel understood, To feel passionate. Everybody wants to be in love this way. I know I do... What about you?? Ohh See I do... Doesnt everybody wanna give their heart away?? I do.... Doesnt everybody wanna love this way? Cause I do. Everybody wants someone to love, Somebody they can trust, Somebody they can touch. Everybody wants to give their heart away. Everybody needs alittle tenderness, To feel understood, To feel passionate. Everybody wants to be in love this way. - Edens Crush Ok! SO back to music, I am going to try to hit alot of concerts this year. Here is my concert status rundown Concerts In 2000: 1) Vertical Horzion, Third Eye Blynd, Splender. - Oakdale Theater, Wallingford, CT "Very Good Show" Concerts In 2001: 1) '98 Degrees, Dream, Devulla Morgan, Baha Men. -Worchester Centrum, Worchester, MA "VERY! good" 2) N'sync, B.B. Mac, Dream. -Foxboro Stadium, Foxboro, MA "Good show, sucky seats" 3) Backstreet Boys, Shaggy. -Meadows Theater, Hartford, CT "Ehhh, it was ok" 4) TRL Tour (Dream, Destiny's Child, Eve, 3LW, Dream, Neli w/ Ruff Ryders, Jessica Simpson) -Meadows Theater, Hartford, CT "Show rocked!!" 5) O-Town -BIG E Fair, Agawam, MA "Ehhh, sucked" 6) Dream, LFO -BIG E Fair, Agawam, MA "The Best! 5th Row" 7) Mya -BIG E Fair, Agawam, MA "It Rocked! 2nd row" 8) "United We Stand" -RFK Stadium, Washington DC "Words can't explain* -Durration of concert: 1:00pm-12:30am (11.5hrs! Woodstock for GenX) -Attendance: Over 50,000 People. ~ MC: John Stamos ~ - Celebrirty Appearances - Kevin Spacey, McCully Culkin, Chris Tucker, Jamie Lynn Seigler ** The performers in order of appearance ** 1) The Backstreet Boys ---------------- 2) Chrystal 3) Billy Gillham ---------------------- 4) Usher 5) James Brown ------------------------ 6) Hewey Lewis 7) O-Town ----------------------------- 8) Christina Millian 9) Carol King ------------------------- 10) Al Green 11) Pink ------------------------------- 12) Bette Middler 13) Cee Cee Ryder ---------------------- 14) Areosmith 15) America ---------------------------- 16) P-Ditty w/ Faith Evans 17) Nsync ------------------------------ 18) Rod Stewart 19) The GooGoo Dolls ------------------- 20) Train 21) Destiny's Child -------------------- 22) Mariah Carey 23) Michael Jackson -------------------- 24) All Star Anthem 9) City High -Club Hippodrome, Springfield, MA "Very good" 10) Britney Spears, O-town -Hartford Civic Center, Hartford, CT "Best concert EVER!!" Concerts In 2002: 1) Kim English -Club Gotham, New Heaven, CT "Very good" 2) N'sync, P Ditty -Fleet Center, Boston, MA "VERY awesome show!" 3) Britney Spears -Fleet Center, Boston, MA "SOOOO AWESOME!!!!!" Concerts in 2003: 1) Justin Timberlake/Cristina Agulera -Fleet Center, Boston MA "Christina ROCKED!" Ok, this is just a little bit of my live all rolled up and presented to you in the box that you are looking in right now. My life changes as much as the seasons. With these changes I grow stronger and wiser. Sometime I fear these changes that are thrown at me. I know I can't hide from them, but only learn from them. Though my life changes, I stay the same person day in and day out. I enjoy life's little pleasures. The vast beauty of life and living is more than any words can say. Yesterday was the past, tomorrow is the future, live TODAY with no regrets. And if you couldn't tell, I like Shirtless Boys! ReyMystWCW@aol.com